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The hillside catches fire by a previous train. Foley, PA.
JonnyO passout
CW spends time in Natty Bridge CSX/NS.
Poolpoint, on the Clinch.
"Is there any doubt on how accurate I am with these things?"
The E-108 hauls MT Gons through the Magnolia CPL's.
The Juice is loose, K-651 rolls past the Pleasant Hill DED on the RF&P.
1998 Calendar Star, CSXT 26 heads through Norwood, VA on the James River Sub.
The dependable Q-303 heads west after departing Lynchburg, VA on the James River Sub.
The conductor hands off his trainorders to PF.
Here Comes 29, here comes 29.
Pikesville Pace
"Look Mom, this is what I do when I go camping"
Crossing 2:1 at East Alderson, WV. C&O Alleghany Sub
Double Dash-8's head through Norwood, VA on the James River Sub.
ATK P-080 rips ass through the Pleasant Hill DED, RF&P Sub.
This is what happens when you through a can of spray paint into the camp fire.