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The drought of 2002 had such sever effects on Wilt's Creek that BP felt he had to contribute.
Hardly a fan of the RR's, even civilians need to mark their territory. Boid releases a stream in the direction of a plaque at the Tehachapee loop.
Referring to the "territory" nomencalture of this page, we proudly display BP, marking new territory, MP CA 329 on the Alleghany Subdivision.
When foaming, occasionally one runs across trackage of a RR he doesn't like. An arched display from outside the gauge.
"Hey Jonny, quit lookin at my chubby, I am trying to only show the engineer!"
"I'm King o da world!!!" Randolph atop the Magnolian Anthill
Yo, stop the car.
"Screw it, this can't be worse than the finless trout I just saw"
JK stops trackside for a quick one.
BP arcs one out at Shoofly.
The desert is a dry place, these plants need watering.
This slide is filed on page 2, slide p...get it? 2P, to Pee?
Well, You Know... It is a pretty nice place to piss... Yeah.
Hey Brian Plant, I'm gonna piss over here. Look at the GM300s
Hey, mine is bigger than yours.
[Whistling the theme to Andy Griffith] Randolph decided to go up stream to show his hatred to the folks in Harper's Ferry.
X marks the spot.
Ned drains his pounder over the shallow grave of a 'rat.
Graham puts one down trackside.
Two marks.
Lil Foamers even mark their territory.
No time like the present to drain.
BP streaks Brunswick.
"I wll mark my territory right here and you will like it."