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Check it out, Celebrities participating in the ART OF EATING.
City railfanning has its the ability to get some kick ass manicotti.
"With seconds to go, the race is tight... No, wait, it looks like Cake-Upon is in the lead... He Has the sausage down!!!"
Randolph Carothers pours himself a cup of steamin' bean juice. He may not be Popeye, but this pirate knows how to keep the hooch from working the gut too good.
Ned foams after catching the Wheeling Feeling.
DB and JO eat breakfast while a train pass the window in Tehachapi.
SS puts down some brownies.
BP gets into an egg and bacon fajita.
PF wears his saftey glasses because the AOE can be hazardous.
Flap Jacks!!!
String puts down the "big ass" liberty sub.
The one on the right, nah, the left is heavier, I'll eat that one first.
Arrr, ye take me lucky charms, I'll take yer braüt!
Who wants pie?
Look, girls eat too.
Anyone for bacon?
A trip to the C&O James River Sub isn't complete without a proper display of the ART.
"Hmmmm, this thing would taste a lot better with some Pantano Sauce on it."
"No PY, forget what you learned in sex-ed, this is how you do it."
"Uh guys.!?!? Who's the A-hole who put the shrink potion in the F'ing Dorito's again without telling me?"
"That damn StringSquash.He jammed this thing in here so hard I need two hands to get it out!"
Once you opo, you can't stop.
You can't eat just one.
No camping breakfest is complete without a helping of eggs.
Anyone for some fork.
Nothing like a little Chicken of the Sea when at the Breaks Interstate Park.
Markolf agrees that PF makes a mean set of jacks.
More Bacon!
"Oi, Sooo Yummmy!!!"
Another one caught with sausage in his mouth.
Potato shrapnel from the potato cannon makes good hashed browns.
"I wonder how far I can shove this into my mouth."
PY drops another mouthful of soulfull "camp food" down the hatch.
DB finishes off his stringsquash weiner.
"Hey Hey Mon said the way you eat", BP and Black Dog