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My wife said this was a bad time to go chasing. Why? The date was 01/01/01.
The rented Mitsubishi Montero was our URV for our Western Trip, Feb/Mar 2001.
The Ford Ranger soaks in some railfanning.
The famous Dee-Rang-O derailment @ Terra Alta.
Sleeping bag, pillow, Coors Light and the Chessie Radio - Ned Llyod is ready to watch trains.
The 8 Notch URV.
Hey, Dave, do you think the tracks are up here?
The "foamer dee-rang-o" takes a pounding of rain and hail at Foley.
This is taking URV's to the extreme. This thing is awsome, look at the paintjob.
The picture says it all.
The West End Boys posse for a picture in front of the Dee-Rang-O.
"No matter what, I am going to catch that train."
DB proudly displays his portable tent.
Then the little green man went like this... Man, I am not kidding you!