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LaLa swings as Q34312 passes.
Fellow Foamers
The SteveSquash takes aim from a bridge underpass.
"All right scouts... I am going to take a rest now, you go on."
Keith foaming at Lewis.
Markolf takes aim at an oncoming train.
This guy ran to take this picture...only to realize that his film never caught.
High atop his perch, Billy Bob lets out some farts.
MJR gets a titty twister from a friendly conductor.
Amazing what a plate of Bacon and Eggs getcha.
How can you expect to drive if you can't change a lightbulb.
The number one choice for Stringsquash hunters, a tripod.
You want a hit of this, DB is done...
The Mutant in action.
"Look Dick", all I am doin' is takin pictures of trains, is that so hard to fathom?"
Proving the rumor incorrect, at least for now, that PF doesn't actually walk on water.
Brad as the little foamer.
In a recent cost cutting measure, CSX layed off the bull who patrols the east slope of sand patch, replacing him with another snake.
BP weighs in, in Terra Alta @ 140 after finishing the seven high lifes, he was up to 205.
MM takes advantage of the new opening the brush cutter created.
Some Foamer tripping, trying to get to his spot.
WTF BP, I see triple ess curves, I see sunlight fading. I am not happy.
The Mutant Engineer behind the throttle.
Wichmond This Wichmond that... I'll show then young'ns, now where the hell is my machete?
The tree ladder provides a different view of a passing train.
Ned Lyod excited to be at the Tehachapi Tree.
PY & CD overlooking Kessler bridge.
Foaming is a family affair.
Foamers Big O and Lemmy, out on their porch.
Its never to early to train youngsters how to fend of the stringsquash.
DB says "FU clouds"! Another dark nose shot.
110 degrees of Cranberry Grade Heat.
Bacon or Sausage??? Bacon or Sausage???
Combine the bathrooms at the Sheetz in Keyser with a fresh MTO, all bets are off.
Hangin' on the Hood in Michigan
"Keep all the trains in my back yard, my back yard, my back yard."
Happy with the new servos, CN runs his remote control Q-134 on one track.
Nor does he hover.
Brad as the adult foamer.
"Uh, dispatcher, we just got shit on by pteradon here at Mount Savage".
More Foamers- Page 1 2