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This picture was downloaded from the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles.
Nobody on the trampoline below expected PF to get this high... Hmm, Was there extra propulsion?
After a gruling loss to the Kingsport Tire Screechers, CD retires to the "sack", Record... 0-2-374.
"Arrrrrrrrrrrr, meet my new 1st Mate Matey..."
TotalCSX'ers with the waitresses of Kelcy's Diner in Tehachapi, CA. You can eat and watch trains.
No DRUNKFEST is complete without a few cans of spraypaint in the fire.
"I'm bored waiting for candy ass, maybe I will go play Spike Bucket Polo on the 4 Wheeler..."
"Uh WTF Baione, I drink a beer, and try to sit here, the table breaks, this sucks"
After banging his head repeatedly into the door, JohnnyT pads his head.
Randolph, Grasshopper and Ned Lloyd listen to Wichmond's fireside stories, since the goddamned 49 cent railroad ain't runnin' a thing on this April evening.
"I need this beer because my head hurts. DB is an asshole, he made me fall of the 4wheeler."
Ned Llyod takes a hit off the Phantom Crackling Buster.
"Uh guys? How much did I drink last night, and why does my backside sting?"
After a great debut in the band, Newstead decides to lay down the Bass and pick up the Potato Cannon.
Spray paint + heat = BOOM!!!
Can of spray paint in the fire. Now your cooking with paint.
Honda 4 Trak with JATO.
Here, have this, and don't tell Bambi, she'll be pissed
Soup cans filled with concrete travel a long way.
Thanks to the crews of the Cumberland Sub for the weekend entertainment.
View of our campsite.
If the 4 wheeler is compared to a wagon, Charles P is ready to fall off...
Suzy and friends all wait to be next in the "Chair of Leg Stretching: By The Masked Foamers", currently occupied by Bradley.
Only PF and Kyle knew the thirst quenching properties of an old MT500.
Relaxing next to the fire above the west portal.
FanFest I. DB on lens PF on works.
With the vandalism in Terra Atla at an all time low, Larry spends less time guarding the tower and more time collecting memorabilia
Firemarshal Bill gets a first-hand look and smell of a burning Glade can and trash, Magnolia never smelled so good.
Right out of the pages of a Mens Fasion Magazine, BP models the
latest Concert Shirt look.
"Welcome to Marlboro Bell, can I take your rake?"
JO and his Brusch in a hottub.
PF,JO & DB on the Moron Rocks in Cajon.
BP was the one who said no one is safe...
As evidenced by the Paw marks from a StringSquash, the beast apparently likes to take pants... That is what you get for wearing leopard print boxers.
WTF is this thing.
chessie radio, bacon, camp chairs, oriental bacon rag.. Graham adn Randolf are ready for West End Coal Drags.
Candyass at Harpers Ferry.
"Uhh dude, can i use your socks? I need to shit."
You never know what you will find along the road while railfanning. Unfortunately, he had no human skullz.
Without time available to wait for BP's meatball to resurface, CD sinks one.
"Wait, I think I see the dick with the Wave Runner... Shhh, I think I can get him."
PF gets a handful.
Beer and meatball MTO.
Dude, Wow, I didn't know I could switch my left arm for my right leg...
TotalCSX'ers? No, just three aliens.
"Hmmm, where did I place my Boddingtons?"
WARNING. Beware of the Stringsquash poster.
This is the view the train crews have when they cross the bridge. A nice view of the B-36.
After chasing PF on the 4-wheeler, DB has tasted high speed dirt.
The Baxtor Factor is very impressed with the catalog of JK products.
PF pulls a tweaked japan air to fakie at the Falls Cut Water Park.
Hours before the torential downpour of the new millenium, Dave "throw another log on the fire" Baione stokes it for the night.
Throttling up in the back shops, typical GE smoke fills the potomac valley. Magnolia locomotive works, backshop, summer 01.
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